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Welcome  to the   Boutsali-S Winery website

Our Goals

The Boutsali-S winery is a business initiative  originated in 2014 while exploring the possibilities of producing high-quality wines from grapes cultivated in the vineyards around the village of Niata, Laconia. The company was established in 2017 aiming to  capture the diversity of aromas and flavors which characterize the Greek grape varieties. Our goal is to become, and remain, a sustainable business by producing exclusive, international competitive wines. To succeed, we cooperate with local farmers to cultivate the best possible grapes with a keen eye for environmental protection. Moreover, we are investing in modern fermentation and maturation technologies that allow us to preserve the intrinsic value of the grapes cultivated in our region. It is also an important part of our goals to contribute  to the maintenance and the development of  the village by employing local people.

Grapes and wines

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